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Tac refers to Technical Assistance Center, Bit is the basic unit of communicaton


To provide all resources of Networking at one Place


TacBit is a community driven site, its free to use, and always will be

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  1. NICE! The Brain as a Model for Future Supercomputers

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    The brain’s repute took a big hit in 1997 when an IBM supercomputer defeated world chess champion Gary Kasparov in a match reported around the world. But, in the second round, the brain is back. A Sandia National Laboratories-supported workshop in Albuquerque called NICE, for Neuro-Inspired Computational Elements workshop, discussed...
  2. How to Apply for European Jobs as a Non-EU/EEA Citizen

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    Source of Article (http://blog.grads.co.uk/2013/06/27/how-to-apply-for-european-jobs-as-a-non-eueea-citizen/?goback=%2Egna_4673105) Remember, the companies are seeking you, not the other way around. Regarding the visa situation—if a company truly wants to hire you, and is a designated sponsor, then sponsorship shouldn’t be a problem. Usually, their key phrases they say to you vary along the lines of...
  3. Networking Professionals Social Network

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    TacBit Community is a Social Network build for Networking Professionals. Community portal provides a platform to connect and share with other professionals from ICT industry. How TacBit social network is different from others? It is build exclusively for Networking Professionals, so anyone you connect with has something common with you, that is Networking....
  4. Job Board for Networking Jobs

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    TacBit Job Board is an industry specific job board for networking jobs. Networking professionals, specially those who hold some certifications will find TacBit Job Board very useful because all jobs on TacBit Job Board are Networking jobs. You can search for jobs and filter on your criteria or browse by...
  5. Networking Learning Center

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    Whatever career level you are you can benefit from Learning Center. TacBit Learning Center includes training, videos, articles and products details of many vendors like, Cisco, Microsoft, Juniper, Huawie and many more. Here you will also find career guidelines and certification paths to move to next-level of expertise and career. Some...
  6. Networking Discussion Forums

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    TacBit Forums are build for technical discussions about networking. You can view and participate in ongoing discussions. You can also post new topics of your interest or ask for help if you face any technical issue. Forums range from open standard networking technologies to proprietary protocols, vendors specific technologies, products and certifications and...
  7. TacBit Intro

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    Welcome to our global technical assistance center (Tac) of Networking Following is a brief introduction of TacBit Portals and Features TacBit Social Network Features TacBit Job Board Features

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